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Our Philosophy

The Andover School gets its inspiration from a variety of different models, theories, and philosophies; including, but not limited to: Jean Piaget, John Holt, Alfie Kohn, and Abraham Maslow. We aspire to help your child grow their pre-academic and social skills in play-based learning. We emphasize social and emotional learning as this is the foundation for all other learning. We encourage children to feel empowered to put their own ideas into action (whether with a rocket ship out of cardboard or inventing a new game) and truly believe in our adage “learning through a sense of wonder”. 



Ages 2.5 to 4

Ages 4-5

8:30 am - 12:00 pm

1-5 Days per Week

12:30 pm - 4:00 pm.

 Monday to Wed. required.
with optional 5 days

We offer two programs at The Andover School. They follow the same bi-weekly curriculum schedule; however, our PM Pre-K Program focuses closely on academic Kindergarten preparedness.


Lesson plans for our AM Preschool Program run for two days to enhance learning. We find that younger students, who have the opportunity to do a project a second time, gain a better grasp at academic concepts and build more confidence.


Our PM Pre-K Program has new lessons every day. Their projects build on each other throughout the course of the two week curriculum.

  • Reading comprehension

  • Learning scientific theory

  • Uses "Handwriting Without Tears"

  • Independent and group learning

  • Art daily

  • Mathematical concepts (addition, subtraction, patterns, time)

  • Music and Martial Arts classes

  • Social/Emotional/Empathy development

  • Problem-solving skills

  • ​Mastering life skills 

  • Developing fine motor skills

  • Art daily

  • Pre-academics (shapes, colors, alphabet, numbers, etc.)

  • Music/Movement class



Kelli Palsha

Owner / Educator

parent of three

Jenna Viloudaki

Site Director / Educator

parent of two

Karen Osborne


parent of two

The Andover School also engages a number of people to review curriculum, policies, procedures and to generally advise on a periodic basis:

Karen Gosney

retired teacher of 30 years

Al Gosney

retired school curriculum advisor

Robert Schmieder, Ph.D.

in Industrial Organizations Psychology

Vickie Viloudaki


 Kari Cassidy-Diercks

& Kyle Diercks

cofounders of The Andover School


Edilka Dominguez

bilingual Educator

Laura Nicolai,

parent of two



Families who have currently enrolled receive priority registration for the following school year. Priority re-registration closes in January of each year and, at that time, we open registration to the public for any available spaces available within the school.


Wednesday, Feb 5 @ 8 am


If you feel like The Andover School is a good fit for your family, please let us know so we can schedule a tour with you and provide you with further enrollment information. We run our first tours before and after school so that we can answer all of your questions. After that tour, you may arrange to “sit-in” on a class to see how the classroom works on a daily basis.



"Andover made my kid happy. It's the first place we've ever been able to leave him without tears and panic."



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